User Quick Reference Guide
This 2-page guide explains how you can use your ICE account to:

  • Scan to email with OCR
  • Print from mobile devices
  • Scan to cloud services

Admin Quick Reference Guide
This 1-page guide shows the administrator how to manage the ICE account, including:

  • Add users for scanning to email
  • Customize options for scanning to cloud services

QuickTour Demo
Watch a 2 min. Overview demo of the Integrated Cloud Environment

Ricoh ICE Product Brief
Download the Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment PDF.

Security White Paper
This document provides the details of security related information of Integrated Cloud Environment, describing important cloud hosting, data transfer and data backup information.

Print Cloud Product Brief
Download the Print Cloud PDF.

Terms of Service
Ricoh's Integrated Cloud Environment Terms of Service agreement

User Guides by Application