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Business today is more on-the-go than ever. Shouldn’t printing be just as mobile? The Mobile Print Package makes it easy to print from mobile devices — no matter where business takes you. With the Ricoh Print Cloud, part of Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment, you gain both flexibility and convenience through pull printing. There’s no need to install specific print drivers and no need to choose your output device in advance. Your files are encrypted and held in the Cloud until you enter your release code at your chosen printer.

Print all kinds of information

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Your mobile device probably holds all kinds of important information, but it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t release it when you need it. Whether you need to print PDFs, photos or email, mobile Cloud printing makes it easy. Print various email attachment formats — including Word®, Excel® or PowerPoint® — and even email body text. When your files are as mobile as you are, you can collaborate more efficiently and keep important processes moving forward

Pick up prints on your schedule

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With Cloud printing, you don’t have to commit to a certain device when you submit a print job. You don’t even have to go get it right away. Instead of sitting in the tray, your print jobs are held in the Cloud’s print queue. When you’re ready, simply walk up to the Cloud enabled MFP of your choice and enter a simple release code. Don’t worry if you forget about a document in the queue. Files are automatically purged from the Cloud after your specified time limit.

No need to be an IT expert

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If your organization uses varying networks and operating systems, creating a print environment that caters to everyone can be challenging. The Advanced Office Package uses the Cloud to build a bridge between mobile devices and your Cloud enabled MFPs. There’s no software to set up, no drivers to install and no need to connect to a certain network. With mobile printing as a service, you can enjoy the benefits of robust technology without having to manage it yourself.

Ricoh’s Cloud-enabled multifunction devices

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Ricoh’s robust MFPs make it easy to release mobile print jobs. Here’s how it works: At any Print Cloud enabled MFP, simply touch the icon on the user interface. Enter your release code, choose your settings and print. It’s that simple. No need to install specific printer drivers or use a desktop.

Scan to These Cloud Services

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Store and share files in the Cloud.

concur icon


Scan Directly to the Expense, Receipt Store, and Report tabs in your Concur account.

document mall icon


Bring your paper documents into Ricoh DocumentMall, OCRed! Scan to desired folder, and also select a document type.

Dropbox icon


Scan to Dropbox and take your documents anywhere.

eFax icon


No analog phone line anymore? No problem. Send faxes from your Ricoh MFP to eFax.

eFileCabinet icon


Scan and upload your document with OCR directly to your eFileCabinet account.

Egnyte icon


Scan Directly to your Egnyte account with one single step, no PC required!

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Send an attachment without any hassle — right from your MFP.

Evernote icon


Scan into a single workspace.

Fax2Mail icon

Scan to Fax2Mail

Scan and upload your document (with OCR) directly to your Fax2Mail account.

Google Drive icon

Google Drive

Upload to your Drive account — fast.

G Suite icon

Scan to G Suite

Scan and upload your document (with OCR) directly to your G Suite account.

Intacct icon


Scan and upload document to Document, Bills, and Expenses section in your Intacct account.

NetDocuments icon


Bring your paper documents to NetDocuments, OCRed. Scan to desired folder or cabinet.

Office 365 icon

Office 365

Scan into common Office® programs.

OneDrive icon


Scan and upload your document with OCR directly to your OneDrive account.

OneDrive for Business icon

OneDrive for Business

Scan and upload your document with OCR directly to your OneDrive account.

Salesforce icon


Scan your document directly to your Accounts, Contacts, Documents, or Opportunities tabs.

ShareFile icon


Scan and upload document with OCR, and easily retrieve from your ShareFile account.

syncplicity mall icon


Bring your paper documents into Syncplicity, OCRed! Scan to desired folder, and also select a document type.

Apps come with OCR powered by ABBYY, except for Evernote which uses Evernote OCR

Mobile Printing

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Print Cloud Lite

Getting documents out of the Cloud should be just as easy as getting documents into the Cloud. There’s no need to track down special print drivers. Just submit a document for printing, receive a security code, visit the Cloud-enabled device of your choice and use the security code to release your document for printing.

PrintCloud Lite functionality is included with 2GB/user Print Cloud packages.

The Education Package includes PrintCloud lite for cloud print.

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By starting your trial, you will have full featured access to this package of Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment for 60 days. No credit card or obligation required, so Cloud Enable your Ricoh MFP today!

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Whether you need basic scan to searchable PDF or a multi-user scanning, printing and storage solution, our packages offer simple pricing and the opportunity to expand when you need more capabilities.