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Across campuses, instructors and students are continually sharing information. Often, they use hardcopy formats — a handwritten brainstorming session, work for an algebra equation or a page from a reference book. Until now, the challenge has been: How do instructors and students get this hardcopy information into their digital workflow?

Making information mobile for instructors and students

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Traditional processes for uploading hardcopy material into a Cloud-based application — such as Dropbox or Google Drive™ — can be cumbersome and inefficient. What was once a multi-step process of scanning, saving, emailing and uploading has been replaced with one simple step — using the Integrated Cloud Environment Education Package from RICOH.

Modernize document sharing

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Sharing information digitally between teachers and students can be so much more than sending a scanned image of a document. Ricoh ICE converts scanned documents into multiple digital file formats — including Word®, Excel® and PDFs. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities are built in. This means that instead of static images, scanning creates practical documents that can be easily located, edited and shared with those who need it, however they need the information.

How your institution can benefit

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Education environments have unique needs, so Ricoh has designed the ICE Cloud Education Package to make your specific workflows smoother and more efficient. Scan directly into services such as DropBox, Office 365™, Google Drive, Box™, Evernote or Canvas — so your information is instantly accessible using your favorite Cloud services and ready to use or share.

Ricoh's cloud-enabled multifunction devices

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Ricoh’s robust MFPs make it easy to share information, with minimal steps. Just log-in, choose your settings and scan. Here’s how it works. At any MFP displaying the Ricoh Cloud Apps decal, simply touch the icon on the user interface. Then, choose from available apps and scan. It’s that simple. Say goodbye to complicated multi-step processes and hello to MFPs that make campus life easier.

Scan to These Cloud Services

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Store and share files in the Cloud.

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Upload to the Canvas learning management system.

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Scan to Dropbox and take your documents anywhere.

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Send an attachment without any hassle — right from your MFP.

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Scan into a single workspace.

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Google Drive

Upload to your Drive account — fast.

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Office 365

Scan into common Office® programs.

Apps come with OCR powered by ABBYY, except for Evernote which uses Evernote OCR

Mobile Printing

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Print Cloud Lite

Getting documents out of the Cloud should be just as easy as getting documents into the Cloud. There’s no need to track down special print drivers. Just submit a document for printing, receive a security code, visit the Cloud-enabled device of your choice and use the security code to release your document for printing.

PrintCloud Lite functionality is included with 2GB/user Print Cloud packages.

Start Your 60 Day Trial

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By starting your trial, you will have full featured access to this package of Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment for 60 days. No credit card or obligation required, so Cloud Enable your Ricoh MFP today!

Compare All “ICE” Packages

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Whether you need basic scan to searchable PDF or a multi-user scanning, printing and storage solution, our packages offer simple pricing and the opportunity to expand when you need more capabilities.